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About account rentals

Our max melee created perfectly for staking.We also supply the account with a Tentacle whip, membership Just everything to make it so you can start staking immediately.
About account rentals

Are you looking to rent a max main with guaranteed safety?

You are at the right place to rent safest Osrs Max Melee Account. We guarantee that RPGRush.com is the best and Cheapest Site to rent a account safely, We wish to build long-term relationships with our customers and in order to do so, we are willing to offer Cheap prices and the most pleasant experience when using our service!

Terms of Service

  • 2m Deposit required for tentacle whip which is Refundable.
  • You are not allowed to share account details with others.
  • If you ask us to transfer gold for you we are not responsible for any lost gold due to bans while transferring.
  • You are paying for a set amount of time whether you choose to utilize the full time period or not is up to you. No refunds
  • No breaking of any of Runescape’s in-game rules while using the account. This includes scamming, swearing, macroing, DDosing, Bug Abusing, and RWTing.
  • We are not responsible for any bans or mutes during the service, we are not liable to refund you any lost gold or any lost time.
  • Breaking any of the Rental Terms of Service will result in immediate recovery of the account. No refunds will be given for the paid service in this case.
  • You are not allowed to be on the account longer than ordered, sneaking on the account without our permission is strictly against the rules, this will result in seizing funds for the time used without us knowing.


OSRS Service
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