We Offer Fastest And Affordable Service.

Are you looking for OSRS service, Power Leveling, and Minigames. We trust you shouldn’t need to overpay to purchase services, we do our absolute best to keep cost Cheap and reasonable

OSRS Service

Quest, Skill training, Minigames Service

Screenshots of finished services


Service Type

We are offering 100% hand done services


Time Frame

We try our best to deliver within time frame

Quest Service

We can also train required sub quest and stats for quest.

Castle Wars

No need bank access, No need gear, Level 3, No XP gaining, F2P options available.

Fighter Torso

We Can Barbarian Assault Level 5 in all BA.

Combat and skilling

We are offering best service boost up your account levels

Pest Control

No need bank access for Void Knight equipment.

Killing Zulrah

We ensure you will get all loot.

Dragon Defender

With Low combat option is available.

Fire Cape Service


Success Rate

We try our best to get cape in first attempt in case of failure you don't need to pay again for second attempt



Half price if you will buy 10+ capes for JAD pet hunting

Screenshots of finished services

Infernal Cape Service

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Infernal Cape

Remotely Completed service

Remotely service available

Download Remote Desktop app


Success Rate

99% of the time we successfully complete The Inferno first try unless the connection times out.

In case of failure for any reason, you will receive full refund or we will do another attempt.

Infernal cape is best in slot cape in game We can do it REMOTELY via Parsec to minimize ban risk.

We are selling capes since 2016 with over 1500+ vouches on Sythe

OSRS Accounts

Contact us via live chat if you wanna pay with OSRS Gold

  • Pure
  • Main
  • Money Maker
43 Attack 99 Strength

No recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 68

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20% OFF
99 Magic 10 HP

No recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 50.8

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40 Attack 80 Strength 80 Range 80 Magic

No recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 58

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45 Attack 99 Strength

Recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 68

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70 Attack 50 Strength 62 Defence 8500+ Castle Wars Tickets

Recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 70

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20% OFF
Tab making ready 99 Magic

No recovery email set
We are original owner
Combat 50.8

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What our customers say about us on Sythe

BERT DATE Jan 15, 2018

Big vouch Got me a fire cape on a 1 prayer account for a great price. Very professional and kept me updated throughout it being done.

EliteHanzo DATE Jun 2, 2019

Sold me 1239m 07 Great dude fast service!

RS Trader1 DATE Feb 5, 2018

Got me another sub 1 hour cape. Trusted with 600m+

jimstax DATE Jan 23, 2019

Vouch, got me 1050 pc points, service was done quick!

fedward DATE Oct 17, 2017

Bought an account for 65m osrs gp, went first and everything went smooth. A+++ seller!

Sleep DATE May 17, 2017

VOUCH! This guy is QUICK. Got 115 on TWO of my accounts in a little less than 2 days!


    Most frequent questions and answers

    We are doing business since 2016, we have 1500+ Vouches on Sythe and you can check our profile on trustpilot

    In our numerous years in business, we have consummated the craft of safe trading and make all steps imaginable in guaranteeing our trades are as protected as they can be.

    You can pay via Runescape 2007 Gold / Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Our live chat accessible in lower right corner of website is the best and fastest way to contact us. You can also add us on Discord 
    Discord: KZ#8065             Unique ID: 313620886165127168

    We understand you have to step up in the shortest time which is the reason we’ll finish the service as soon as possible.

    Placing an order on RPGRush.com is very simple and easy. Registration is not required for placing an order you just need to choose our Service and Contact us via live chat or on discord

    Currently we are just offering our own gear and supplies for no prayer Fire Cape service, for services like Castle Wars we do not need any Gear or Supply for rest Services you need to provide your own gear and supplies.                    

    Old School Runescape Aaccount

    We Offer Cheap and Reliable Old school Runescape Accounts All accounts are 100% hand trained. have no set recovery email set.

    MInigames and Quest

    We are providing 100% Hand Done and Fast MInigames and Power Leveling, Quests services.

    Combat Training/skilling

    We provide the most balanced services in the market, being trustworthy.

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    OSRS Service
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